Extreme Flight to Find a Cure



7th Annual Extreme Flight to Find a Cure


  The flight took place on Tuesday February 19, 2019. The winter of 2018-19 was difficult to forecast for a flight. If it wasn’t for clouds, it was wind. Finally a possible flight was in sight. The forecast presented a large high pressure system over most of the Midwest which produced slow surface winds from Idaho to Ohio. Strong upper level winds were also present. I was concerned about an approaching system which was forecasting precipitation so the timing was critical. My crew consisted of my wife Elsie Cloyd, Steve Metz, Craig Swanson and Lucas Stephens. We drove to Burlington, Iowa to spend the night for a next morning launch. Jim Pearson drove from the Quad Cities to stay the night also. Jim was to be my passenger and he has assisted me with weather over the last several flights. On the next day we were up early because I wanted to launch at sunrise so I could get ahead of the weather moving in. Sunrise was actually at 6:54 am and we launched about 30 minutes after sunrise. Everything went smooth for inflation and with a last minute kiss to my wife, I launched in winds of 2 mph. I continued to climb to a cruising altitude during which I read the 99 names of people who have dealt with cancer. When we got up to 10,000 feet the speed was only 20 mph. The speed picked up as we climbed and when I got above 17,000 feet I reached speeds above 90 mph with a top speed of 95 mph. My cruising altitude remained above 17,000 feet until it was time to come down. After I had used 4 tanks of propane and the last two tanks had only 33% of propane I started my descent. I did use all the oxygen during the flight. The descent was normal with the exception of at 3,000 feet the balloon leveled off without me having to burn. This was caused by thermals. I would have preferred to land with snow on the ground so I would not experience thermals. The ground at landing did not have any snow. After a few minutes of level flight the balloon started to descend. The speeds from 10,000 feet and below were between 5 and 10 mph and I landed at 5 mph just southeast of Wabash, Indiana. The flight covered 295 miles in 4 hours 44 minutes with a top speed of 95 mph and a top altitude of 17,900 feet landing just a few counties short the Indiana/Ohio border. I carry a tracking devise which helped many people to follow the flight. Pat and Jane Brouillet had followed my flight and chased me from their home in Illinois to my landing spot. The launch crew was still far behind when I landed. We packed the balloon into Pat & Jane’s van with the basket on their tommy lift we transported it to the nearest road. We stayed there about an hour until my crew arrived and then we transferred the balloon to my trailer. From there we drove to Wabash, In. for a well-deserved dinner. This flight was my second longest flight. I have now flown 10 flights of 100 miles or farther with a 195 mile average per flight for the ten flights. You may ask why I fly these flights. There is risk involved however I have full confidence in my experience. I do need oxygen to survive and I experience very cold temperatures but what I go through is insignificant compared to what cancer patients go through. I have already started a list of names of people who have dealt with cancer for next year’s flight. You can get more information on my website https://www.tecvisions.org . I would like to thank everyone who supports this flight. Please tell people about the flight.   Thank You Tim Cloyd




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Video from the 6th Annual Flight

This is the reading of the names of loved ones who have dealt with cancer.

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Donations & Sponsorships


The reason for the long distance flight is to raise donations for cancer research. Below is where you submit the name of your loved one. You can click the PayPal/ credit card link below to donate.   

If you wish to support cancer research on behalf of TEC Visions, you can do so in one of several ways:  

You can be a sponsor at one of three different levels:  1.  "Basket"        $250.00                        -1 T-shirt                                                                  - Autographed bottle of                                                                    champagne & photo of the pilot and                                                                     crew from the flight.                                                                   - A Balloon Ride for one person at a                                                                      later date near our home base.

2. "Burner"        $500.00                        -Company name on t-shirt and                                                                       all printed material, (excluding                                                                     basket banner & chase vehicle).                                                                    -Mentioned in all media that the                                                                      pilot appears on.                                                                    -A balloon rides for two people at a                                                                      later date near our home base.                                                                    -Invitation to become part of the                                                                     "Glorious Drifters" ground team for                                                                     a flight at a later date.                                                                    -Two t-shirts                                                                    -Autographed bottle of champagne &                                                                      photo of the pilot and crew from the                                                                     flight.    3. "Envelope"    $1,000.00                     -Company logo on the back of all t-shirts                                                                    -Company logo printed on all material.                                                                    -Company logo on the chase vehicle.                                                                    -Mentioned on all media that the pilot                                                                        appears on.                                                                    -A balloon rides for four people at a                                                                       later date near our home base.                                                                    -Invitation to become part of the                                                                      "Glorious Drifters" ground team                                                                      for a flight at a later date.                                                                    -4 T-shirts   -Autographed bottle of champagne &                                                                       photo of the pilot and crew from the                                                                      flight.    If you would like to be a sponsor, contact us at tecvisions@hotmail.com to help support this flight.  

Or you can donate. Common amounts to donate are $10, $20, $50, $100. But we will accept other amounts.  

To donate for the Extreme Flight, send a check to TEC Visions at...  

TEC Visions - Charity Balloon Flight  8725 SE 13th Ave  Runnells, IA  50237  

In addition, you can donate directly to TEC Visions through the PayPal link below.   

These donations will be sent to the cancer organization of your choice as designated below. TEC Visions is a 501c3 non profit and donations are tax deductible. A list of cancer organizations donated to is available upon request.   

If you decide to send a check, please print this page, cut out the portion below, and fill in the blanks at the bottom to send with your check. Also on the memo line write in "Extreme Balloon Flight".  

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TEC Visions Cancer Charity Balloon Flight

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Donation Amount                                          Date


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Cancer Organization your donation will be directed toward.

Do you want a tax deductible receipt Y/N________

Name & Address to send the receipt 


Help Our Cause

Donate online here & submit names of people that you know who have dealt with cancer. Also become a sponsor be sending an email to  Tecvisions@hotmail.com or call us at 515-205-4855. Thank you for your support.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

How it all began



After flying 3 long distance flights over 100 miles each in distance including a 238 mile flight, I realized I would be flying more of these kind of flights and I wanted to do them for a cause. Since cancer affects everyone in one way or another, the cause I chose was cancer. I have a personal connection as well. A crew member of mine that crewed on the very first flight of my very first balloon, passed away in 2009 from cancer. Another crew member battled cancer twice in her life and survives to keep fighting. "1st Flight Ever" I am the first pilot EVER to fly a flight of this kind. That is, a long distance high altitude hot air balloon flight for a charity. I can't explain why no one else has before but I am thankful that I was given the ability to do the flight. A flight of this magnitude demands special training and planning. I have taken specialized high altitude chamber training and have developed equipment and procedures to help me survive the extreme cold temperatures. I need oxygen to survive the flight and will experience very cold temperatures, but what I go through is insignificant compared to what cancer patients go thru.


Lifting Up a Loved One


We all know someone with cancer. You can honor a Loved One through this flight. With a minimum of a $10 donation, I will take the name of your loved one on the flight. Here is how it works. Follow directions on how to donate at the bottom of this page. If you use the form at the bottom of this page, fill in the name of your Loved One on the appropriate line. If you donate through PayPal then send me the name of your Loved One through email at tecvisions@hotmail.com to be aboard the next flight. If you have a story about your Loved One, send it also and I will take the story on board also.

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The Plan


Hot Air Balloon pilot Tim Cloyd will conduct a solo long distance high altitude flight between December 2017 and March 2018. There will be one flight on one day launching from somewhere in the Midwest. When the conditions are right, Tim will cruise at altitudes up to 17,000 feet at speeds reaching 100 mph. He hopes to make the flight between 100-400 miles. This is a high risk flight and Tim will be required to use portable oxygen and special clothing to survive the extreme altitudes and cold temperatures. Tim is flying for all the cancer patients who fight for their lives. He will endure the discomfort because it is far less than the suffering cancer patients face every day; flying the "Extreme Flight to Find a CURE". 

TEC Visions has partnered with several cancer organizations for Tim's long distance flight. Consider becoming a donor or a sponsor. 

Tim will notify everyone through email and facebook up to four days before and up to the "Go/No-Go" decision. If you want to receive these notifications, become Tim's friend on Facebook, like Tecvisions Balloon Rides on Facebook, or send him an email (tecvisions@hotmail.com). The public will be able to follow Tim live on this journey by clicking here - TRACK TIM'S FLIGHT. The live tracking device helped people from in the United States and around the world follow the flight as it happened. 


WHO TV13 news story by reporter Jodi Whitworth about the 1st Extreme Flight which was on January 26, 2013.


Help Our Cause


Donate online here & submit names of people that you know who have dealt with cancer. Also become a sponsor be sending an email to  Tecvisions@hotmail.comor call us at 515-205-4855. Thank you for your support.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The Extreme Flight

1st Annual Flight



The first annual Extreme Flight To Find A Cure was a success. On January 26, 2013, I flew 155 miles for
4 hours, 8 minutes with a top altitude of 17,596 ft. and the top speed was 51 mph. Launch took place near Altoona, IA. and landed near Macomb, IL. Winds at both launch and landing were lite, only 3 mph. I had a very large team to help with launch and the ground team was at landing. This flight raised over $9,000.

Donations were given to the American 

Cancer Society.

   The following were sponsors of this flight: Affinity Credit Union, Ankeny Auto Electric, Best Buy, Country Propane, Danville Balloon Group, ilowa, Purcell Printing.

2nd Annual Flight



   The flight was flown on February 22, 2014. I launched from the Chillicothe, Mo. airport and flew 167 miles and landed near Mt. Sterling, IL. It was a 6 hour flight that reached a top altitude of 11,146 ft. with a top speed of 59 mph. Winds at launch were 2 mph and the excellent ground team greeted Tim in a 5 mph landing. The tracking device once again worked wonderfully so people could follow the flight live. Viewership doubled from last years flight. This flight raised $6,100. 

Donations were given to the American Cancer Society.

The Following were sponsors of this flight: Affinity Credit Union, Air Gas, Country Propane, Lindstrand, Purcell Printing, Scheels, Walmart.


3rd Annual Flight

 On January 10, 2015 this flight was completed and exceeded all expectations. I flew 413 miles from the Ashton Observatory near Baxter, Iowa to near Peru in Northern Indiana. The Duration was nearly 6 hours and I reached a top speed of 83.5 mph. Also a top Altitude of 17,900 was achieved. At launch the temperature was -6 degrees and it never climbed above +10 degrees. I flew 114 names of Loved Ones and below you can view a list of the names.

 The following are the names of Loved Ones that were flown on this flight. Jerry Allen (Brother), John Allen (Dad), Tom Allen (Self), Robert Arnold, Mary Aumer (Memory of), Paul Aumer (Memory of), Todd Babberl (Honor of), Alan Bachanen, Anita Benefield (Honor of), Russ Bentley (Honor of), Joanna Berneche, Linda Blackedge, Judy Blake, Tom Blake, Kathleen Bosi, Arnold Bradshaw, Gary Bradshaw, Cheryl Brewer,
Dorothy Brouillet (Memory of Mother), Vincent buckley (Memory of Father-in-law), Nancy Burkett, Connie Carlton (Sister-in-law), Ed Chapman, Alsenior Childress, Ron Cloyd (Memory), Danny Cochran (Memory), Michelle Condrady-Brown (Sisrter), Janice Couch, Crew Chief of the Energiner Bunny Balloon, Laurence Davis, Jerry DeVan, Sherilyn Durning, Roy Lee Dunn, Jeanette Erickson (Memory of), D.J. Esley, Tom Esser, Anne Falken, Myron Falken, Edith Ferring, Juanita Fischer, Anne Flaten, Ray Frazier Jr., Kathy Martz French,
Joe Gavin, Pat Gibbs, Roger Garmon, John Goda, Everlyn Gordley, Ralph Graham, Dan Gran, Debbie Hammargren (Memory of ), Donna Hammes, Sandy Hicks, Debi Kaad, John Kaley, Chris Keefe, Kris Klop, Muffy Klug, Herb Kolman, Alecia Kramer, Mary Laborde (Honor of), Albert Lane (Grandfather),
Marilyn LaPointe (Memory of), Irene Elizabeth Leach, George A. Lehman, Wanda Mahan, Dora Belle Martz, Fred Martz, Freda Martz, Joseph Martz, Thomas, Martz, Don Mayhen, Natasha McDonald (Niece), Delbert Mills, Marilyn Mills, Helen Minor, Dorethea Moser, Gary Naugle Sr., Duncan Nelson, Hazel Irene Norris, Horace Orr, Amanda Ostrem (Great Niece), Cindy Petrehn, Gerry Prine (Honor of), Allen Read, Bobbi Repp, Norma Riney, Wes Rinker, Larry Roberts, David Rogers, Virginia Runningen, Nina Sappington, Susan Schettler, Ron Schiltz, Lorna Schmidt, Barbara Singleton (Memory of), Clark Singleton (Memory of), Miriam Spannaus (Sister-in-Law), Patricia Sheehan, Dianne Smith, Marie Spence, Kay Starbeck (Memory of), Bill Strange, Richard Stratton, Jean Tierney (Mom), Patti Todden, Mr & Mrs Tomkins, Donald M. Vish (Husband & Brother-in-Law), Edwina Wilson (Honor of), Barbara West, Melvin Wilson (Memory of), Ann Wright, Barb Young.

Donations went to the following Cancer Organizations: American Cancer Organization, Komen, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, M.D. Anderson, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, National Cervical Cancer Coalition, Prostate Cancer Research Institute.  

 The following were sponsors of the 3rd annual flight: Affinity Credit Union, Balloons Over Iowa, Country Propane, Edward Jones, Dennis & Mariam Gavin.

Follow Tim's Cancer Flight


4th Annual Flight

 The flight was flown on January 30, 2016 with a distance of 105 miles achieved. The 2 hour 24 minute flight reached an top altitude of 17,604 feet and a top speed of 68 MPH. Both launch and landing wind speeds were under 5 MPH. My launch was once again from the Ashton Observatory near Baxter, Iowa and landed near West Liberty, Iowa. It was a beautiful day for the flight. Temperature at launch was 32 degrees and at altitude it did get down to zero but even at that temperature is still can be warm as you will see in the second video below. On this flight I took a passenger. Her name is Aimee Wetzel Luhrs and she experienced a great memory.

I flew 79 names of Loved Ones on this flight and below are the names.   
Katherine Arment, Robert Arnold, Annette Ashley, (Honor of) Yvonne Ball, (Honor of) Joanne Berneche, Bob Book, Glenn Book, (Honor of) Cheryl Brewer, (Memory of) Dorothy Brouillet-mother, (Honor of) Alan Buchana, (Memory of) Vincent Buckley-father, (Memory of) Nancy Burkett, (Memory of) Nancy Mary Jane Camp, Connie Carlton, Maggie Carlton, Holly Cretsinger, Helen Dahl, Chris Davidson, Cindy Davidson, (Memory of) Loren Deines, Cecilia Dougherty, (Memory of) Evelyn Dreckman, (Memory of) Jeanette Erickson, Debbie Everhart, (Honor of) Mary Foster, (Memory of) Joe Gavin, Eldon Greenwood, Chuck Gutterridge, (Memory of) Jill Hatfield, Marty Hook. (Honor of) Josephine Kelly, Herb Kohlman, Chris Kreps, (Memory of) Lawrence Jordan, (Memory of) Marjorie Jordan, (Memory of) George A. Lehman, Ellie Loehr, Jeff Lungner, Elmer “Salty” McAferty, Marilyn McCrory, (Honor of) Wanda Mahan, Elaine Maifeld, (Memory of) Don Marquardt, (Memory of) Dora Bella Martz, (Honor of) Fred Martz, (Honor of) Freda Martz, (Memory of) Joseph Martz, (Honor of) Kathy Martz-French, (Memory of) Thomas Martz, (Memory of) Kevin Mote, (Honor of) Deidra Murry, (Memory of) Lillian Neyens, Beth Owens, Toa Powers, (Honor of) Gerry Prine, (Memory of) Larry Rettele, (Memory of) Norma Riney, David Ross, Kathy Ross, (Honor of) Nina Sappington,  (Honor) Patty Sheehan, (Honor of) Chris Sparks, (Honor of) Marie Spence, Natasha Story, Bill Strange, Caroline Sykes, (Honor of) Patti Todden, (Honor of) Mary Turner, (Honor of) Janel Twehous, Don Vish, Micheal Vish, (Honor of) Barb West, Martha Woolsey, (Honor of) Ann Wright, Ray Wright, Tim Wunder, Beulah Wunder, (Honor of) Barb Young, (Honor of) Janice Kay Zimmerman.

Donations were given to the following cancer organizations: American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Susan G. Koman, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Make a Wish.

The following were sponsors of this flight. Edward Jones of Franklin, Wi., Country Propane of Milo, Ia.,
   Air Gas of Des Moines, Ia.

5th Annual Flight


 This year the flight had added a new feature. The Hormel Institute for Cancer Research/ Mayo Clinic in Austin Minnesota partnered with the flight. They are a world class cancer research institutes. So this expanded the reach and awareness of the flight to people of Austin, Mn. and the awareness of the Hormel Institute to the ballooning world that I know. Jim Pearson and Rich Jaworski helped me with weather. As normal I patiently watched the weather until an opportunity for a flight to arise. The Sunday of February 5, 2017 showed promise. As Sunday drew closer the possibility got better and finally it was decided it was a GO. The launch site had been moving that week from Sioux Falls, S.D. to SW Iowa to SE Nebraska to Northern Missouri to finally Indianola, IA. So on Saturday before the flight I notified everyone to meet at the Indianola, IA. Balloon Field at 6:30 am for a launch from there. I knew the surface winds for launch and landing would be very good. I woke up at 3:30 am and found that Indianola would have low cloud ceilings until mid morning. After talking to my weather man Jim, we decided I should drive south to find sun. My ground team was Steve Metz,

Craig Swanson, Nathan & Tiffany Wheeldon and Elsie. Lucas Stephens, Katie Leveke and Rich Wheeldon followed behind for launch only. We left the field at 7:05 and drove south into Missouri and found sun. We went to Bethany, Mo. for launch. The winds were not bad. On the drive down we picked a high school for a launch site, arrived there and quickly set up. In a pre-flight conversation with Jim Pearson, he said to stay at about 7-9,000 ft. and fly due east for 2 hours then I can ascend. If I immediately ascended to 17,000 ft. I would fly towards St. Louis. As I flew the flight plan, I stayed between 7-9,000 ft. moving at speed not much faster than 42 mph for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Then I received a text from Jim and he said I could now climb because ST Louis now would not be a factor. I climbed to 10,000 feet and leveled off. This is when I read the names of Loved Ones. The names of people who have dealt with cancer, 59 names to be precise. After that I continued to ascend where I found a speed of 68 mph. As in previous flights, I climbed to see what speeds were up higher. As I climbed the speeds slowed down into the mid 50 mph’s. I decided to descend for the speeds were better at lower altitudes. For the next 2 ½ hours I flew between 12-14,000 ft. at speeds from 60-68 mph. Tanks 1-4 were now empty. I had been using tank 5 and when I changed to tank 6, I decided to descend and land. I text weather man Jim to ask for surface winds and he said they were 4-6 mph which I thought was great. I now was over Illinois as I started my descent. I was prepared for possible thermal activity so I approached the landing carefully. At 300 ft. above ground the speed was 4 mph. I had some VERY large farm fields to land in. I then descended for landing and saw the speed increase, from 5 to 9 mph at which I landed. It was a good stand up landing. I then called Elsie on the phone to ask how far away they were. She said 25 miles. So for the next 20 minutes I kept the balloon standing until the ground team arrived. I had landed in a corn field which had tall stalks. When the crew arrived they guided me to a soybean field where we laid the balloon down. Here are some of the stats. Distance-192 miles, Top Altitude-16,325 ft., Top Speed-68 mph, flight time 4 hours 15 minutes. The flight was a success and I was thrilled with the accomplishment. I had over 2,800 people watch the Facebook live video. The Hormel Institute addition was very good. Thank you to my wife Elsie, Jim Pearson and Rich Jaworski for weather, the ground team and to all of you who support the flight.

   Names of Loved ones flown on the flight. 

Janet Abney, Wanda Anthony, In loving memory of Justin Askins, Pete Asp, Kathleen Bosi, Christy Bottoni, Dorothy Brouillet, James Bucket, Vincent Buckley, Sara Coy, Andy Davis, Margaret Davis, Jeff Eicher, Jeanette Erickson, Tom Esser, Memory of Kathy Martz-French, Mary Beth Gierke, Harold Graves, Lucile Graves, Cheryl Ham, Melissa Hosey, Kathy Houdek, Shawn Jacques, Gary Johnson, Vernon Karsten, Chris Keefe, Sandy Knitt, Herb Kohlman, Carol Ann Lamberto, Jeff Laust, Honor of Wanda Manda, Adrien Mauerman, Memory of Dora Belle Martz, Honor of Fred Martz, Honor of Freda Martz, Memory of Joseph Martz, Memory of Thomas MArtz, Wanda Martz, Memory of Loan Mclravy, Memory of Jeanette Meyer, Mike McCordle, Aidan Murphy, Mike Nelson, Dan Paulsen, Lisa Powers, Jack Pratt, Gerry Prine, Larry Ramey, Mary Rose, Ken Ruth, Deb Scharf, Bill Schmitt, Janiis Simpson, Amy Stonemar, Curtis Stratmeyer, Honor of Zoe Wagner, David Watson, Erma Watson, Ryan Witte (Wit ee’).

Donations were given to the following cancer organizations: American Cancer Society, Childrens Cancer Connection, Hormel Institue for cancer Research, Gastric Cancer Foundation, Susan G. Komen, National Brain Tumor Society, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, John Stoddard Cancer Center. 

The following were sponsors:Affinity Credit Union, Balloons Over Iowa, Country Propane, Elliot Aviation, Hormel, Lindstrand Balloons USA.

Track Tim's Flight

6th Annual Flight


6th Annual Extreme Flight to Find a Cure was flown on January 29, 2018

   The 6th annual flight was a complete success. As I started the winter of 2017 the weather was extreme. December brought excessive cloudiness with extremely cold temperatures. However the conditions for a safe long flight did not set up. January then came along and so did warmer temperatures which also are not good conditions. I was watching long range forecasts knowing that by the end of January into the middle of February was showing colder temps and more favorable winds. So the opportunity to fly started to develop for Monday January 29 with launching in Northwest Iowa. As each day approached it became apparent that Sioux City, IA. would be the launch location. The forecast was to be cold and light winds at launch and landing with high winds aloft. My team drove to North Sioux City, S.D. to stay overnight the evening before. We woke up for launch day to a temperature of -2 and conditions were perfect. Another pilot Kim Magee was also going to fly her balloon and attempt to set two world records. We drove to Graham Field in North Sioux City to launch. This small airport has some rich history. Ace pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and famous pilot Charles Lindbergh used this airport. We launched together and both climbed above 17,700 feet. Winds at the high altitudes were in the 90+ mph range, after one and a half I descended to 12,000 feet and eventually landing at 6 mph near Hopkins, MO. I over flew over 4 states for three hours and covered a distance of 163 miles in temperatures as low as -25 degrees. Also I reached a top altitude of 17,828 feet as well as an amazing top speed of 100 mph which. I flew 69 names of people that have dealt with cancer. I would like to thank Jim Pearson and Brad Teymeyer for helping me with weather and Ed Chapman for technical support. Also I would like to thank everyone who sent me their prayers and well wishes. Your support for my flights inspire me to keep flying the Extreme Flight. I will be flying the 7th annual flight during the winter of 2018-19 and 8 names of people who have dealt with cancer have now been submitted for next year’s flight. You can submit names now for the 7th annual flight. 

             The following are the names I read on this years flight: 

Eric Aston, Dick Biskey, Truman Biskey, Dorothy Brouillet, PAt Brouillet, James Buckley, Vince Buckley, Connie Carlton (a sister-in-law), Debra Carra, Tim Cook (a Dad), Memory of Myrtle Cuckie, Linda Cummings, Grandma Dori, Joey Douglas, Memory of Sister Evelyn Dreckman, Memory of Jeanette Erickson, Tom Esser, Debbye Fihn, Ann Flaten, Marlyce Frisk, Mary Gierke, Denice Goecke, Memory of Steve Harris, Chris Keefe, Albert Kersting, Memory of Brenda Koth, Karen Krumrie, Mary Kukowski, Lynette Johnson, Tammy Johnson, Memory of Ken Laborde, Darlene Landrus, Joan MciLravy, Jack Maxwell, Larry Majeski, Ruth Majeski, Nick Martino, Natasha McDonald (a daughter), Denise Myers, Memory of Sister Lillian Neyens, Sally Nickele, Janice Olsson, Terry Olsson, Memory of Gerry Prine, Clate Rath, Bruce Reeck, Dorothy Rizzotto, Bill Roff (a Dad), Gary Salisbury, Les salibury, Dick Schneider, Josiah Schoeder, Honor of Liam Schroeder, Debi Scharf, Peggy Smith, Rod Snavely, Stacy Stover, Alex Strelow, Taylor Sweers, Donald Vish (a husband), Michael Vish (a Son), Joe Vogel, Memory of David Watson, Memory of Susan Whelan, Memory of Butch Williams (a Dad), Martha Woolsey.  

    I would like to thank the following sponsors of this flight: Affinity Credit Union, Balloons Over Iowa, Elliott Aviation, Ann Longobardi, M & M Cartage, 

Triple Crown Products.

This is a photo which shows my speed at 99mph at that moment.

This is a photo which shows my speed at 99mph at that moment.

Video from the 6th annual flight

This is the reading of the names of   

 Loved ones who have dealt with cancer.