Frequently Asked Questions


1. When does Tim Fly the Extreme Flight to Find a Cure? One flight annually between     December and March. 

2. How do I follow the flight? Click on Track Tim's Flight.

3. What weather is needed for a hot air balloon flight? There needs to be no frontal     activity or rain in the area. The winds need to be under 10 miles per hour.
4. What times are flights scheduled? Flights are scheduled at sunrise and a few     hours before sunset when the winds are the calmest.
5. How long will the flight last? Flights are 45 minutes to an hour. Your total     experience will take approximately 3 hours.
6. What do we wear? Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, preferably tennis     shoes.
7. What's the temperature in the balloon? The temperature is similar to the    

    temperature on the ground.
8. What does it feel like? Flying in a balloon is like nothing else you will ever     experience! You will become part of the wind gliding alone above the treetops.     The ride is a very smooth, peaceful, enjoyable experience.
9. Where do we fly? The flight path is determined by the direction of the wind.
10. Can you steer the balloon? We don't have a steering wheel, rudder, or engine.       Your pilot will steer the balloon using wind directions at different altitudes.
11. What altitude will we reach? We will fly anywhere from treetop to a few       thousand feet above the ground.
12. What is the balloon made of? The envelope is the part of the balloon that holds       the air and is made of either nylon or polyester material.
13. What kind of fuel is used? Propane is the fuel used for flying hot air balloons.       Therefore, due to the flammable nature of propane, smoking is never allowed       during your balloon experience.
14. What do I need to bring? Bring your camera (with fresh batteries, and enough       memory), comfortable clothing.
15. How do you fly a balloon? Anyone can as long as they have been trained and       meet the requirements of the FAA to become a licensed pilot.

   How a Balloon Work? Present day hot air balloons work on the simple principle that hot air rises. Balloons consist of an envelope that contain the hot air, one or more burners to heat the air in the envelope, and the basket or gondola where the pilot and passengers carry people. To ascend the pilot heats the air inside the envelope and to descend the pilot will allow the air inside to either cool or open a vent which releases some air.

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