We reach the lost and help the needy.
Through the revenue generated by the use of our Hot Air Balloon, TEC Visions donates time and money to various charities.  These include:

2004        School supplies to Costa Rica
2005        School supplies to Belize
2006        School supplies to Ecuador
2007        School supplies to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2008        School supplies and spanish Bibles to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
                Refrigerator for someone in need-Central Iowa
2009        Help with school lunch program in the Des Moines area
                School supplies to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2010        One time gift to someone locally who was having trouble paying bills
                School supplies to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
                Donation to Christ Life Ministries
                Donation to a local child for a school trip to Chicago, IL
2011        One time gift to buy medicine for someone struggling financially
                One time gift to two seperate financially struggling families to help pay bills
                Donation to the Colfax-Mingo, Iowa food pantry
                Donation to one person for a mission trip to Bolivia
2012        Construction work for the "Hope Center" in Cochabamba, Bolivia 
2013        School Supplies for children in Costa Rica       
2014        Donation to a school lunch program for a central Iowa school.

To view photos of our mission trips, click HERE.

Additionally, Tim is available for speaking engagements.  Topics can include:
-Hot Air Ballooning
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