Iowa Hot Air Balloon Rides
If you are looking for an experience of a lifetime, contact us at 515-205-4855 for a Hot Air Balloon ride. You will gently float along enjoying a view only a balloon can provide during your 45 minute to an hour flight. Safety is our #1 priority. With our professional ground team, you will have an incredible experience. Bring your camera and wear comfortable shoes. Is a balloon ride on your bucket list? Other ideas could be, wedding proposals, birthday's, anniversaries, a gift certificate to a friend or family member, or just for fun.
All flights are dependant on the weather.
We can provide instruction to become a hot air balloon pilot.
We also do tether rides and can advertise on the side of the balloon.
We also can do corporate advertising
If you are interested in being a member of our Ground Team, give us a call.

Contact us at 515-205-4855 or at

Recently, Pilot Tim Cloyd has been flying "Long Jumps". Long Jumps are balloon rides that are over 25 miles in distance at altitudes above 17,000 feet. TEC Visions has helped many cancer organizations through these long jumps. Tim has now flown the "Extreme Flight to Find a Cure" for 3 years. It has been very successful in raising money for cancer research. The flights have raised over $22,000.
For more information please visit the 
Charity Flight Page 


         It was my 21st birthday and my boyfriend Ben had got me this ride. Ben had got me a ring and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said "yes" we landed on the golf course and had cheese and crackers with our family. Thank you, this will be a big part of our life.         Kiana Reinson  & Ben Harrimonn

    Tonight we had our first hot air balloon ride. WOW!! I didn't really know what to expect but could not have asked for a more perfect night & ride. This was a 40th birthday gift to my husband Sandy & a night we will never forget. Thanks to an awesome crew & we look forward to seeing all of you for another ride in another season--maybe fall or winter.
                                                                    Katrisha & Sandy Hiedemann

             WOW! What and experience! We came into this with no knowledge at all about ballooning. The mechanics of pulling this off..., inflating, launching, flying, landing, and packing was amazing! Love Tim, Elsie, & the Crew.
                                                               Thanks Helen Cropp

       WOW! What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much!!! We wnjoyed the view, the company, and the landing with the Ankeny Baptist youth group! Prefect weather too. Tim you are an awesome Pilot and have a terrific crew!
Blessings to you & Elsie.                             Jim & Beth Blessman

       Today was great. A surprise hot air balloon ride from my husband. Loved it, got to see our farm from above, so cool. Great experience, great people. GOD bless.        Sieguid

        Thank you so much for an amazing experience. It is so peaceful being up above everything & looking down to earth's beauty. This will be something our family will remember forever.      Charity Klop

        I was a little concerned about the height at first but wouldn't miss the opportunity. I may have clung to the side for the first part but by the end it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. It was so cool to see the crew working so seemlessly, the Pilot was incredibly kind and the view was breathtaking. What an incredible experience and I am so thankful. Thank you so much.           Amy

     What a ride! Thank you so much Tim & Elsie! What a thrill that the whole family; Jim, Missy, and lil Lauren got to take a beautiful ride. 6 year old Lauren was in heaven...all she wanted was to ride in your hot air balloon. Thank you.
                                               Jim, Missy, & Lauren Akers

    WOW! What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this once-in-a-lifetime experience.                                                    Bill & Irene Furey

1. What weather is needed for a hot air balloon flight? There needs to be no frontal activity or rain in the area. The   
    winds need to be under 10 miles per hour.
2. What times are flights scheduled? Flights are scheduled at sunrise and a few hours before sunset when the winds 
    are the calmest.
3. How long will the flight last? Flights are 45 minutes to an hour. Your total experience will take approximately 3 hours.
4. What do we wear? Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, perferably tennis shoes.
5. What's the temperature in the balloon? The temperature is similar to the temperature on the ground.
6. What does it feel like? Flying in a balloon is like nothing else you will ever experience! You will become part of the
    wind gliding alone above the treetops. The ride is a very smooth, peaceful, enjoyable experience.
7. Where do we fly? The flight path is determined by the direction of the wind.
8. Can you steer the balloon? We don't have a steering wheel, rudder, or engine. Your pilot will steer the balloon using
    wind directions at different altitudes.
9. What altitude will we reach? We will fly anywhere from treetop to a few thousand feet above the ground.
10. What is the balloon made of? The envelope is the part of the balloon that holds the air and is made of either nylon
      or polyester material.
11. What kind of fuel is used? Propane is the fuel used for flying hot air balloons. Therefore, due to the flamable nature
      of propane, smoking is never allowed during your balloon experience.
12. What do I need to bring? Bring your camera (with fresh batteries, and enough memory), comfortable clothing.
13. How do you fly a balloon? Anyone can as long as they have been trained and meet the requirements of the FAA
      to become a licensed pilot.

How a Balloon Work? Present day hot air balloons work on the simple principle that hot air rises. Balloons consist of an envelope that contain the hot air, one or more burners to heat the air in the envelope, and the basket or gondola where the pilot and passengers carry people. To ascend the pilot heats the air inside the envelope and to descend the pilot will allow the air inside to either cool or open a vent which releases some air.

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